Did Jesus Really Die?

Did Jesus really die on the cross? If He did not, this would deflate His claim to be God and also make Him a liar. Some claim that He did … Continue Reading →

It’s Out of My Hands

“God takes full responsibility for the life wholly devoted to Him.” – Charles Stanley This is absolutely one of my favorite quotes. It is a reminder for me to know … Continue Reading →

Facebook Friday: 25 Days of Thanks

November is a great month to be on Facebook, because there is an abrupt change in people’s posting. There is less venting about daily frustrations and not as much negativity. … Continue Reading →

God At The Movies

Are you a movie watcher? There is something about the art of story that fascinates me. I get completely drawn in to the plot, watching in anticipation as the story … Continue Reading →

A Year of Daddyhood

This past weekend Hayden turned a year old. He had a complete blast at his birthday party. We are blessed to have so many people that love us and are … Continue Reading →

Facebook Friday: Dirty Cup? Clean It Up!

Is there any mission field bigger than Facebook? There are so many unchurched people floating around out there in Facebook Land. It has become a pretty standard thing for us … Continue Reading →

A Dirty Christian Word

I use to know a guy that cleaned port-o-potty’s for a living (sounds like a glamorous job right?). Every few days he had to hose these portable poop-stops out. One … Continue Reading →

I Done Been Pooped On

This past Thursday, Devon and I ran errands most of the day in Beaumont. We were heading to the mall (you can’t not go to the mall if you are … Continue Reading →

Facebook Friday: Innocent Until Proven Guilty

One thing I have noticed about Facebook (and life) is that it is really easy to make assumptions about others. Sometimes we read other peoples words without understanding what they … Continue Reading →

A Public Apology

Sometimes Christians do bad things. It is the sad truth. Can I make a confession? I am a Christian and I have done things that are wrong. I have hurt … Continue Reading →


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