Marriage Monday: Me, Me, ME!

Being married has taught me many wonderful things about life, God, myself, people, and what is important. One thing I wasn’t prepared to learn when I got married was how … Continue Reading →

Donkey Basketball

What do donkeys and basketball have in common? Not a whole lot really, but they are pretty fun when you put them together. Last night I got to play some … Continue Reading →

Is Faith Blind?

Every time I hear a Christian refer to their belief in Christ with the term “blind faith” I cringe. No worldview should be built on blind faith. While I will … Continue Reading →

Marriage Monday: Dirty Little Secret.

“You can get a large audience together for a strip-tease act-that is, to watch a girl undress on the stage. Now suppose you came to a country where you could … Continue Reading →


Every day that marches forward, we are becoming something. What is it? What do you want to become? Who do you want to become? What do you want life to … Continue Reading →

Read This Blog and Get Three Million Dollars

Okay, full disclosure right at the outset. You won’t get three million dollars from reading this blog, but it grabbed your attention, right? Maybe it even gave you warm feelings … Continue Reading →

Marriage Monday: Keeping the Backdoor Shut

When it comes to marriage, we find a lot of emphasis placed on romance, compatibility (e-harmony anyone?), communication, and the like. All of these are important things to address (and … Continue Reading →

Big News!

It is fun to have big news from time to time, isn’t it? Our son, Hayden, turned one this past November. It has been an amazing year watching him grow … Continue Reading →

Can My Truth Be Different From Yours?

Recently, I was having a discussion with several individuals about our belief systems. Some of us had similar beliefs, while others held divergent worldviews. During the discussion one person stated, … Continue Reading →

How To Change Your Spouse In Two Words

I get to work with couples often, and it is pretty common to hear: “We are having problems in our marriage, problems for which I have no responsibility in. Could … Continue Reading →


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