There are two kinds of people in this world: those that like to gripe and those that do not. I fall into both camps at times, but I am making a concentrated effort to look for the good and focus on that. Recently, Facebook actually considered changing its name to Gripebook, but Zuckerberg thought it was a terrible idea. I think it might do well, but I’m not a business genius like he is.

Have you ever paid attention to the amount of griping that goes on in your Facebook feed? Statistics say that 46% of all Facebook posts are a gripe about something (Okay, that statistic isn’t real. You know what they say. 63% of statistics are made up on the spot. Yea, I made that statistic up as well. Usually the stats I give are accurate. I promise). But seriously, I don’t know the real statistics, but people like to gripe. Don’t they?

When I was in college, for my final in Counseling Theories, our professor told us we had to take the final at his house. Our class shows up, and he says we are going to watch a film on counseling that will drastically change how we work with clients. After he served us a good meal, we all settled in to watch this “master therapist” at work. The film we watched was Pollyanna. You know, the Disney film with Hayley Mills from 1960. Aside from all of the “techniques” he pointed out from the movie, there was a quote that has stuck with me ever since.

During the film Pollyanna says, “When you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will.” Isn’t that true? If you want to find the negative in any person, situation, or organization you will find it every single time. You don’t really even have to try all that hard.

Now am I saying we should be the eternal optimist that lives in denial about problems or negative situations? Most certainly not. I am saying that I think we can do better things with our time than sit around and grumble about things. We can take action and change things, we can look for the good, and we can encourage those around us. Any of these options will serve us, and those around us, much better than ranting about how bad things are.

Think about it. Everything is amazing and we gripe about so much. Sure, we all have our struggles, but most of us are extremely blessed. Could we just be happy? Could we be thankful? Could we focus on the positive? Could we uplift others? Could we live like Christians are suppose to live and be filled with joy?

Next time we are going to post on Facebook, let’s let our finger linger on the enter key and ask ourselves, “Am I just complaining, or am I being positive?” Let’s stop adding to the noise of negativity. Let’s let others know how truly blessed we are. I mean, aren’t Christians suppose to be the ones with all the joy?

Walk good. Live wise. Be blessed.