Great Excuses for Skipping Church

Let’s just be honest. Some Sundays, for whatever reason, we just don’t want to go to church. Even though I am a minister, and kind of get paid to be there, I understand that some Sundays it is just so hard to go. The only problem is, if you don’t go, well that looks bad on your Christian-ometer. You could get a bad grade and be blackballed if you just skip church without a good excuse. So, I decided to put together a list of great excuses for skipping and/or not going to church at all.

Majority of these I have heard with my own ears throughout the years (I didn’t mean for that to rhyme, I promise), while some have been heard by others that they shared with me. So, if you would like some good excuses reasons for not being at church, then feast your eyes on these.

  • It is youth Sunday.
  • God told me I needed to stay home this Sunday for some reason (this is great, who can dispute God???).
  • I worked 80 hours this week.
  • They are just serving communion, so I will just stay home.
  • The music is too loud/slow/fast/old/new/contemporary.
  • The music director wouldn’t let me sing in the choir.
  • They are having a guest speaker.
  • The pews/chairs are too hard/soft.
  • Someone made fun of my toes (no joke, heard it myself).
  • I’m just not getting fed.
  • I don’t know anyone there (because you never come, wait, did I just type that?)
  • It’s full of hypocrites (well yea, it’s full of people).
  • They try and get “rough” youth to come. I don’t want to be a part of a church that invites kids with problems (blank stare).
  • I don’t have anything to wear.
  • I can stay home. There are plenty of preachers on TV.
  • They just want my hard earned cash.
  • The preacher preached against Harry Potter (this is one of my personal favorites).
  • I can’t come without my spouse.
  • The preacher preaches too long.
  • They have drums there.
  • Our electricity went off.
  • Its too cold/hot.
  • No one checked on me after I missed three weeks in a row.
  • Someone I don’t like goes there.
  • The preacher yells too much.
  • There are too many old people.
  • They cater to the young too much.
  • My alarm didn’t go off.
  • I really needed to mow the yard.
  • The preacher gave a sermon directed specifically at me.
  • The church did me wrong about 15 years ago.
  • I can’t come because I might have a seizure crossing the street (this one was given by a gentlemen that lived across the road from the church over a decade ago).
  • I overslept.
  • I haven’t gotten to see my family much this week.
  • It’s the Superbowl.
  • Not a single person asked me how I have been doing.
  • The church is too mission minded.
  • I thought I might be getting sick.
  • Someone corrected my child.
  • Someone was in my seat.
  • I just don’t like church politics.
  • I just needed a day off.
  • I will go to church when things get right between me and God.

You know, some of these sound pretty decent, but aren’t they really excuses? When I was in college working on my undergraduate degree, I decided to find a reason not to go to church on Wednesday nights. I really didn’t have to work terribly hard. I convinced myself that it really wasn’t important for me to be there on Wednesdays. I went on to miss Wednesday night church for a couple of years, or went on and off. I mean seriously, college students are busy, right? The truth is, it hurt my spiritual life and I missed out on relationships that I could have greatly benefited from.

Sometimes we have good reasons for not being at church, I get that. Things come up here and there. A lot of times though, we find excuses not to be there. Certain churches are not a perfect fit for certain people, but that is no reason to not go. Find a church that teaches the truth, get involved, and go regularly. The cumulative effects will be worth it, I promise. Just remember, no church is perfect because they are full of imperfect people.

And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.  – Hebrews 10:25

Walk good. Live wise. Be blessed

Please, please, please, share with us your favorite church excuse.


  • I can certainly identify with a lot of these reasons. In searching for a church in the Metroplex over the last few months, I’ve come up with a few excuses for not going to church:
    –I couldn’t find the service time on their website
    –The single adult ministry is one group with ages ranging from 20-50
    –It’s awkward visiting a church by yourself (it really is, though, but I find almost all social situations awkward)
    –Their worship team doesn’t play anything but Hillsong – I mean, I like Hillsong as much as the next guy, but feel free to mix it up a little.

    I’ve certainly been in some churches over the last year that I knew almost instantly were not a good fit for me, but that doesn’t mean I need to just stop looking. There are enough churches in Dallas that I have no doubt that I’ll find the right place. I just have to freaking out about the “meet-n-greet” portion of the service.

    • haha I just had to say i love john’s feedback! we used some of those reasons when we were “shopping” for a church home too! oh yes and the “meet n greet” almost gave me panic attacks! LOL g’luck John, I pray you find a great church home! I love mine!

    • Christel says:

      Hey John, I have a good friend who is worship leader at a church in the Dallas area. Actually I grew up with the pastor too. It is a “mega” church though, be warned.

      My son is putting in a sound system at another church in the area, but I wouldn’t recommend that one to anyone, lol.

    • Josh Fults says:

      All of these are great ones man! Seriously though, good luck finding a church. Hope you find one that you enjoy being a part of like the one you left. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  • What a great post, Josh! I’m convicted so big time! lol….
    I’ve used a few of those (eeeek)

  • efchristi says:

    Gee Josh, I will have to remember some of those! I feel guilty when I can’t make it to church, even if I let them know the week before I won’t be there. I sing in the choir, so I can’t use that excuse, darn.
    But, here is one more excuse I have heard: according to the bible, the church is within me and we come to this building for fellowship, I didn’t feel like fellowship today.
    Love your blog!

    Walk daily with God at your side!


  • Kim melancon says:

    can believe you missed wednesdays in college… whats up wit dat?

  • tracy says:

    You missed both of mine, Josh….I couldn’t find a church around town that didn’t have a member of my ex-husbands family as a member and that the preacher preached messages that made a single woman feel that she HAD to get married and home school her kids……

    Ridiculous some people are.. LOL

  • BigSkyKen says:

    Love this post; I’ve used a few of those excuses, some many times over! Living in rural Montana, some of “our” common excuses include:
    It’s opening/closing weekend of moose/elk/deer/antelope hunting season
    Our cows are calving, so we need to stay home to assist, if needed
    We’re branding calves this weekend (and helping others brand their’s for the next 6 weekends)
    I’ve got hay to mow/rake/bale/haul

  • I can’t tell you the number of Sunday mornings that I only managed to drag myself out of bed to get to church because if I wasn’t there they wouldn’t have a pianist and would have to sing a cappella. If church was only in the evening I wouldn’t have that problem.

  • chrisgagner says:

    - I forgot to jump forward or fall back that hour for daylight savings time.

    I can wake up early Monday – Friday without any problem. The alarm goes off.. I get up.. get ready… and go to work. But on Sundays, I find myself trying to find these excuses not to go. It doesn’t matter how many years I’ve been a Christian, it is always the hardest to wake up and get going on Sunday. It’s like struggling with a child. “I don’t want to go!” “But you have to go…” “But I don’t wanna go!!”

    I don’t think it’s ever going to change.

  • […] Great Excuses for Skipping Church | Josh Fults | Walk Good Let’s just be honest. Some Sundays, for whatever reason, we just don’t want to go to church. Even though I am a minister, and kind of get paid to be there, I understand that some Sundays it is just so hard to go. The only problem is, if you don’t go, well that looks bad on your Christian-ometer. Read Post […]

  • Ninja says:

    Your post was funny, BUT…we are “the Church”. Going to church is something people came up with. How do you go to yourself. It is just religious nonsense to say such things.

    • Josh Fults says:

      I think it is an issue of semantics. I agree that we are the church, but, when most people use the term “going to church” I think they are generally referring to the act of attending a local assembly on Sunday. I suppose the proper phrase might be “meeting with the church”, but I am not one to split hairs. We don’t “go to ourselves” we join with the rest of the body. So you might say, we go to join with the rest of the church.

      Thanks for reading. Glad you got a chuckle.

  • hunter kelch says:

    1.Why would you trust a human to teach u about god?
    2.I can’t go to church, I’m going out with a friend.
    3. Anyone could’ve written that.
    4. God gave you the gift of Earth, u should go explore.
    5. Telling them ur pro gay and pro bi [BIG MISTAKE]
    6. God has no “belief”
    7. Who said his name was god?
    8. saying “gods” or “whatever’s out there.”
    9.You are saved and blessed everyday.
    10. You are accepted long before your born.
    trust me I know these from experience, lol.

  • Jeff Walker says:

    Great list of excuses! I’ve definitely used a few of these myself! Have you though about preaching on this subject? It would be awfully difficult without coming off in a condemning tone.

    If you ever decide to preach on this, here is what I would do:

    recognize what the roots of most of these excuses are. For example, you will probably find that most of these excuses are coming from people that are way too sensitive. Why are they too sensitive? Most of them have been burned in the past, and the longer that Unforgiveness festers, the more and more these individuals will distance themselves from others (as a means of protecting themselves from future hurts), so they will subconsciously look for reasons to stop surrounding themselves by even their own church.

    When we have hurts that are never addressed, we become easier to offend as time goes on. So try leading your congregation in a corporate prayer of forgiveness. Have your church say a prayer together forgiving those that have violated them, but leave a long moment of silence for each member to forgive hose who come to their minds individually. This could be done simultaneously with a communion service. And for those who need further counseling and help with forgiving people, make sure you’ve got staff ready to talk with them.

    Just my .02. It worked for me :-)

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