Apologetic Wednesday: Does God Set Us Up for Failure?

What is God like? Is He the equivalent of some cosmic kid pulling the wings off of a fly? Does He wear a radiant, white lab coat to conduct experiments … Continue Reading →

Marriage Monday: How to Love Your Wife

Relationships begin with two people in pursuit of the other. It is an interesting, exciting, and always entertaining dance that two people engage in as they become better acquainted. We … Continue Reading →

Apologetic Wednesday: What About Those Who Never Hear the Gospel?

One question that has been repeatedly asked deals with the fate of those who have never heard about Christ. The question has been posed many different ways, but it usually … Continue Reading →

Marriage Monday: Homeland Security

Getting to work with couples and families, I often get a unique, behind-the-scenes look into the lives of families. At times, it is encouraging, often it is amusing, but frequently … Continue Reading →

The Problem of Pleasure

One question that is often discussed has to do with God and human suffering. If God is good, then how do we understand His allowing pain? This question has been … Continue Reading →

Apologetic Wednesday: 6 out of 10 Ain’t Too bad, Right?

This past week, Federal Judge Michael Urbanski suggested reducing the Ten Commandments, as found in Exodus and given by Moses, down to six. This suggestion was given in order to … Continue Reading →

Marriage Monday: Building Fences

Can you imagine the chaos that would result if there were no center stripe on our roads and no divisions on our interstates? If it were simply a free for … Continue Reading →

An Open Letter To Dan Savage.

Mr. Savage, I recently watched your address at the JEA/NSPA National High School Journalism Convention and wanted to give some thoughts about certain portions of your speech. First, you mention … Continue Reading →

Apologetic Wednesday: Sex, Murder, and Lies. Oh, My!

If one has read much of the Bible, one quickly finds that some pretty shady events take place that are often graphic in nature. How can anyone refer to the … Continue Reading →


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