Straight Chicken, Gay Cookie

Unless you have been living in your basement on a steady diet of government cheese, you are fully aware of the food fiasco that has been going on in recent months. First, Oreo released their gay pride Oreo. Nabisco came out of the pantry and gave their support to the homosexual community. This sparked a great deal of discussion for a while and eventually died down. Just when the waters had calmed, CEO of Chick-Fil-A, Dan Cathy, expressed his personal support for the traditional view of marriage. It was the shot heard around the culinary world.

Now, I know what you are thinking, “Not more about Chick-Fil-A. Do we really need one more person writing a post about it? Can’t we let this sleeping dog lie? Do we need one more voice adding to the noise?” I promise, I had no intention of addressing this. I didn’t want to do it. Yet, as I sit and watch all the controversy surrounding this debacle, based on a personal belief expressed by an individual, and the salvos fired from both sides of the fence, I felt the need to weigh in.

First, let me speak to the homosexual community. Let me remind you that some people are filled with hate, and they attach the word “Christian” to the venomous words they spew. Let me remind you that hate was never promoted by Jesus Christ. So, for every person or “Christian” that promotes hate and attacks you as a person, I apologize. Please remember to separate who God is from the people that claim to (and sometimes do) follow Him.

I also want to point out that Dan Cathy did not say anything that promotes hate. He gave his personal beliefs about what constitutes a marriage. He did not say he looks down on anyone. He did not say certain people groups should be discriminated against. His company hires people from all stripes of life. I share the same belief as Mr. Cathy. I believe that homosexuality is an aberration of sexuality, but this is where many Christians tend to stop. They fail to mention that the Bible also views sex outside of marriage, adultery, pornography and lust as sins as well. Christians do a great job of condemning homosexual lust and minimizing heterosexual lust. Last time I checked God says both are sinful. As a Christian, I can no more justify homosexuality than I can my proclivity to lust after a woman or step outside the bounds of my marriage.

Recently someone made the statement, “Do you seriously believe God will judge someone for loving a person of the same sex, but will not judge you for hating someone you have never met?” Let me say that God never judges anyone for loving, but we will answer to God for how we handle His commandments, both the heterosexual and the homosexual. If we desacralize sexuality, every one of us will be judged according to what God says. God will also judge us for hating others because we are commanded to love as He loves. In fact, the Bible tells us that God is love, so we too should exemplify love.

A big question we need to consider is, can it be possible to disagree with someone and still love them? Absolutely! People disagree with me on certain things and by all outward appearances they still love me. Just because I disagree with someone or something does not mean I hate them, or that I would even like to hate them.

What about Jesus? What was His example? Actually, Jesus was a friend to sinners. Jesus spent a lot of time around people that were not Christians. Jesus was also not shy about speaking truth. He didn’t even make the truth politically correct or sugar coat it, but sinners loved to be around Him. How interesting that is! Jesus spoke out against prostitution, but he loved the prostitute. He spoke against lying, but he loved the liar. He taught against adultery, but he loved the adulterer.

You see, Jesus spoke the truth, but he always did it with love.  This is extremely important to notice. Truth without love is abrasive and condemning. Love without truth is not really love at all, it is merely flattery. Love and truth most coexist, or they become useless. So, we can see from Jesus that it is possible to disagree with someone or something and still love others and affirm their value as people who bear the image of God.

I think it is extremely interesting that so many Christians went to Chic-Fil-A on August 1st to show their support of Dan Cathy and the company. Do I think it was right or wrong to do so? I say that all depends on the motive behind it. I like Chic-Fil-A. They have great food and I support the pro-family values of the company. I see no fault in the statement Mr. Cathy made, and I will continue eating chicken sandwiches by the sackload. Those that wanted the company to know they support them in the middle of this ongoing debacle, I say great. Yet, there could have very well been some people that wanted to press a point of “We’re Christians and we think we are better than homosexual people.” If the motivation to support Chic-Fil-A was out of love, then thumbs up, but if it was out of hate, two thumbs way down.

The sad thing is, millions of Christians will wait in long lines to buy chicken, but where are these same Christians when it comes to serving others and being salt and light? I think maybe the world looks on at us taking a stand against homosexuality (by eating chicken oddly enough), but they don’t see us  in such great magnitude taking a stand in feeding the poor, helping others,  or having the same concern for people that Christ did.

It really boils down to this for those of us that identify ourselves as followers of Christ. Jesus said, “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” Are we loving people? Is our motivation always love? Are we buying chicken sandwiches to show people that we are right, or are we in the trenches spreading the love of Christ?

Let’s make sure that before the world around us notices anything else, they see our love shining first. We might be surprised how many more people would listen to the message of Christ if we presented the Gospel in the same way that Christ did, by loving first and then speaking the words of truth according to God.

Walk good. Live wise. Be blessed.

Weigh in! What are your thoughts?


  • efchristi says:

    I have to admit, I was sure I was going to read another thought on the virtues of Chik-Fil-A. I am happy to read your thoughts, as they follow mine so well. This was an amazing post, Josh, thanks!

    I have never eaten at the place, in fact I would have to travel 35 to 40 miles to find one, but I do love good chicken sandwiches and around here Wendy’s has the best. I do support Dan’s view on marriage, but also feel it was a media spiel to help improve his business, because it worked so well with Nabisco. I wonder who will be the next to speak out on the subject.
    Truth is very powerful and should be used with love. Jesus always told the truth, as I noted in my thought for today post on Facebook Thursday morning, it is a great example for us to follow.
    What we need to learn is how to fill our churches like Dan filled his restaurants. Imagine having people waiting in line for hours to go to church on a Sunday morning to show their support for Jesus.
    Walk daily with God at your side!

    Your brother in Christ,


    • Josh Fults says:

      Thanks so much Ed. I feel like this whole issue was blown way out of proportion. The media made a huge deal out of it. Political figures got involved when they should have stayed out. Boston officials saying “we will keep Chic-Fil-A out” is unconstitutional and none of the governments business.

      Also, in Mr. Cathy’s defense, he was asked if he upholds traditional marriage and he replied, “Guilty as charged.” So blown out of proportion.

      Thanks for reading friend and sharing your thoughts!!

  • Joe says:

    Can i buy some of those Gay cookies?? They look pretty tasty!! Oh and by the way – great post Josh!!! i hadnt even thought on this topic very heavily until after reading your post above. Salty my brother ……very Salty.

    Soli Deo Gloria

  • thevoice says:

    Dan Cathy’s statement and/or views on marriage play a very small role in this entire debacle. What people fail to realize is that this situation goes much deeper. While you may believe that Cathy said nothing of hate, his actions surely did. His millions of dollars of donations to organizations that seek to oppress and even KILL homosexuals surely isn’t him just expressing his opinion. I know not all Christians are like him…and frankly I am shocked that they even back this man. I appreciate your article for what it is, but there is more information out there if you search for it.

    • Josh Fults says:

      I would be interested in knowing what orgnizations Chick-Fil-A supports. I strongly oppose hate and violence, and I think majority of Christians do as well,

    • A lover of freedom says:

      @thevoice. Are you kidding? I would love to know what organization the Cathy family donates to that advocates the killing or preformed the killing of homosexuals. I know that they support organizations that seek to help people who WANT to get out of that lifestyle, but really you are going to make the charge they support killing homosexuals.
      Explain to me this, why are more homosexuals not boycotting gas and doing “kiss ins” at locally owned gas stations that are owned by Muslims? Because their religion unlike christianity advocates the killing of homosexuals and they do on quite a regular basis carry that out in any number of Muslim countries around the world. Let’s really boil this down to what it is. It is not about Christians against homosexuals or buying a chicken sandwich to support mass homosexual killings. This is all about freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Those who are attacking chickfila would love nothing more than to silence their opposition so that the rest of the people in this country will get the message loud and clear that if you speak up against something that we don’t believe in we will crush you and turn the dogs loose on you and everyone who supports you. I find it so amazing that so many Christians are coming out saying that it’s all about love we should love everybody and not make waves, which is true we should set that example before the world but there is a way to love people but not lay down and let your freedom be stripped away from you. We are so conditioned now to be politically correct that it is sickening. We are not all going to agree, we are not going to always get along, and people will always be offended no matter how pc we are!
      I am a Christian and in keeping with my beliefs I know that it is not my job to convert the world. It is my job to live the example before the world. Gods job is to change the heart , as He is the only one that can do it. A word to all Christians out there live the life before people and don’t be intimidated by anyone, love all, serve all, and speak your convictions do not force them on anyone because it is not your job to change their mind. A word to homosexuals you speak of tolerance and how we need to be tolerant of others, that is a two way street, don’t expect us to lay down and be quiet, we disagree with you but we love you, we do not condone your actions but we do not want you harmed in any way. If this is the life style you choose that is fine but do not expect us to agree with you because we can not.

  • thevoice says:

    Over the past several years, through its charitable arm the Winshape Foundation, Chick-fil-A has donated to groups like:

    Family Research Council: an anti-gay hate group (as defined by the Southern Poverty Law Center) that promotes the myths that LGBT people are unhealthy, likely to engage in pedophilia, and capable to being cured of their homosexuality

    Exodus International: an umbrella ministry that has repeatedly promoted the myth that same-sex attractions can be cured or reduced through “ex-gay” therapy

    Alliance Defense Fund: a legal organization that fights against protections for LGBT people, calling it the “principal threat to your religious freedom”

    Fellowship of Christian Athletes: an organization that has allegedly “freed” people from homosexuality and requires ministry leaders to pledge not participate in the “impure lifestyle” of homosexuality

    • godeeper says:

      Thank you so much, thevoice, for posting what I came here to post. It’s not about freedom of speech, it’s about Dan Cathy’s business donating money to hate groups.

    • Josh Fults says:

      I have done a fairly extensive amount of research on all of these organizations and I am yet to find anything that is “anti-gay” or promotes hate mongering, I would say there is a tremendous difference in being against homosexuality and being against a gay person.

      I have been familiar with Exodus international and Fellowship of Christian athletes for years and have never seen anything discriminator or demeaning from these groups.

      I will also say I have met a fair number of homosexual individuals that found the “gay lifestyle” as being destructive to their emotional, psychological, and relational health (their words, not mine). There are some homosexuals that desire to remove themselves from the lifestyle or “practicing homosexual behaviors.”

      I have known people that have a proclivity to homosexual that have chosen to remain celibate for various reasons (religious or feel it was damaging to them in the past).

      Thanks for your thoughts friend.

  • Tricia Rogers says:

    I know enough is enough but I must comment this time. VERY WELL SAID! ALL of it! What you’ve wrote is the truth & no one can argue it.

  • Heather R. says:

    The post by thevoice about the organizations seem to come from a scewed viewpoint. I urge each of you to research into these groups to find out their actual stance on these issues.

    For example, Fellowship of Christian Athletes requiring “ministry leaders to pledge not participate in the “impure lifestyle” of homosexuality” Isn’t this a call to be pure/above reproach that ALL minsters should strive for who claim to be following Jesus’ example?

    Also, saying that the above groups “promoted the myth that same-sex attractions can be cured or reduced through “ex-gay” therapy and that Fellowship of Christian Athletes: an organization that has allegedly “freed” people from homosexuality” — doesn’t the Bible call Christians to, with the love of Christ, call others to and help others in the struggle to be free of sins that have bondage over them?

    I think you will be surprised at the wonderful actions some of these groups are taking to lovingly help a world who needs Jesus.

  • Christel says:

    The Family Research Council is a pretty nasty bit of work in my opinion; they are definitely what I would consider hate-mongering. BUT Chick Fil A gave $1000 to a foundation that gave less than .01% of it’s budget to the FRC, so that’s blown out of proportion also, IMO.

    The thing that bothers me about stuff like this, I guess, is that Christians seem to be quick to condemn sinners for their actions but slow to love them on through (pentecostal term lol). Christians everything abortion is wrong, but how many of them are putting their money where their mouth is and actually helping those desperate girls who don’t feel like they have any other options? Millions of Christians think homosexuality is a sin and are proud to shout it out, but how many of them are making an effort to understand the heart of that teenager who has gotten so mixed up because the only understanding and affection he has ever gotten has been from someone who twisted that self-doubt and loneliness into something it should never be?

    It’s not that I don’t think sin is sin. I just think sometimes we get so caught up in noticing peoples’ sin that we don’t leave ourselves any room to really love them, which is what we should be doing in the first place.

    • Josh Fults says:

      I think you make some great points here. I am not familiar with what all the FRC has their hands into. The main thing I checked out with the FRC is their alleged support of the Uganda bill that advocates the killing of homosexuals. I have seen information that both confirms and does not confirm this. So much spin goes on these days. I do whole-heartedly agree, that this has been way over inflated with its ties to Chic-Fil-A.

      What bothers you about this whole ordeal is the same thing that bothers me. Christians are often great at pointing out problems and poor at helping with solutions. Now, I do believe there are many Christians that put there money (and service) where their mouths are, but the number is too few. Yet, maybe, some people who profess to be Christians, well, that is all they do, profess. Some claim the label of Christian without ever showing evidence of a changed life. Now, I am not judging who has a relationship with Christ and who doesn’t. Sometimes growth takes a while, I get that it is a process, but I think James 2:18 is applicable here. “But someone will say, “You have faith and I have works.” Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.”

      Sin is definitely sin, and I don’t think we should be scared about labeling it as such,
      BUT we have to be willing to get the log out of our own eyes instead of concerning ourselves so much with the sawdust in other peoples eyes.

      I really like your closing thought. It really isn’t our job to “deal” with peoples sins. I think its our job to reflect the love, truth, and grace of the Person who does deal with people’s sins.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!!

  • Priscilla Johnson - nana23qts says:

    Thank you so much Josh for this article! I have a son who lived the ‘gay’ lifestyle for 6 yrs. so I have seen it up close and personal. The heartache and nightmares I had are not for the fainthearted! He became a believer over 3 yrs. ago and the miracle that he and his life is makes me thankful every day for the Lord’s matchless Grace! I have a couple of ‘gay’ guys in my neighborhood who are wonderful neighbors and are kinder than some believers I know. They have helped me many times since my husband’s death and I supply them with fresh salsa when I can. I figure that if I am the only Christ they ever see then I had better be treating them with love, compassion and respect just as He did with all sinners when He walked this earth! Any one of my sins are just as bad as their sin because God doesn’t rate sin! Thank you for the discussion.

  • Darron Jones says:

    Who are we to judge ? We all aill stand before God and answer to God and God only for our sins. So let it be, the day is coming and God will do his thing, until then Peace out.

  • brittany says:

    I was finally happy to see a message that wasn’t against Dan Cathy. I think things were blown way out of proportion and it was all ridiculous. Our society should not be shocked that a Christian man voiced his opinion supporting traditional Christian marriage. I do not believe Dan Cathy hates gay people…he just loves the God we serve and tries to live by what his faith is based on. Thats his right just as its a non Christians right to believe the way they do. The last time I checked, we still lived in a nation where we can speak what we believe due to the freedom we were built on. As far as his millions going to hate groups in support of killing homosexuals. I would also like to see this evidence that that is actually what is going on in these groups. My friends husband owns a chic fil a franchise and he said that a couple of years ago Dan Cathy found out that one of the groups he donated to did hate crimes and he immediately stopped funding them and gave money to a group that was affected by this hate. I am not sure what group it was but that is what I was told. As far as the support in appreciation day and the kiss in against it. All we as supporters did was buy a sandwich. We weren’t standing out side with signs saying we hate gay people or going up to gays and making out with our heterosexual partners. What we did was a tasteful supportive gesture and I think that speaks clearly of the mess that has gone on. A lot of the non supporters go to the extreme like take what he said out of context and cause a huge distasteful protest. Another thing and this really is another debate…but something I have noticed are a lot of the non supporters who are vying for equal rights of homosexuals and marriage and what not…alot of these same people are pro choice. If you feel so strongly about equal rights for everyone then where are equal rights for a baby?

  • Becky Mazzola says:

    I so enjoyed the word you shared. I read all your Replys and really try to understand their point of view. I sat back and think” how many of these people go to church and really know the word of God “. I was raised going to church and did have the fear of God. I will be the first one to admit I have sinned and so thankful to know I have a forgiving God. Your article has opened my eyes to my down falls. I have been angry and bitter at God for taking my Mom,sister,brother~in~laws ,and my neighbors of 31 years in the last 3 years. But I’m glad my Mom is not here to see the bickering going on in my family.We have so many things thrown in our kids faces this day and time.So many hurting and I want to be there for them.I have not been to church since my sister died in March.I admire Dan Kathy for standing up for his belief on Family Value.I do believe we as Christians have not stood up to Society when they let 1 lady take Prayer from our schools. Brittany I do agree with you on having Equal Rights for a Baby..!! We need to take our Country back that our Fore Fathers fought for. Make your Voice Heard..!!! Make your Vote Count. ..!!! Thank you for being a Faithful Servant to God ,Josh.

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