Marriage Monday: Small Stuff Matters

Weekend getaways, European cruises, expensive candle light dinners; what married couple wouldn’t enjoy any of these activities? These “big” activities all sound exciting and romantic. From time to time, it is good to enjoy the more extravagant within your marriage, but it is actually the small things that matter far more than any romance filled, lavish activity. In fact, if the small things exit the relationship, there will be no big thing that can fix it. The problem is, we are more geared to ignore the small and seemingly insignificant when this small stuff is incredibly important.

I have seen countless couples try to revive their marriage with vacations, gifts, and lavish activities, without little pay off, because they didn’t change their small, daily interactions. So what exactly is the small stuff? It is simply investing in your partner in little ways throughout the day. It could be a text message reminding them that you care. It might be a thank you for all that they do. It could be doing a chore they hate, cooking dinner for them, or watching the kids so they can have a night off. The small stuff means that you communicate care. It means you stay connected emotionally throughout the day.

Paying attention to the little things means that we check in with one another daily. It means that we keep “little problems” from snowballing into “big problems.” How often we have heard someone say, “And that was the last straw”? Usually they are speaking of a bunch of small problems that built up over time and eventually tipped the marriage into a negative place.

So the small stuff is extremely important. Are we investing in small ways daily in our marriage? Are we addressing the small problems as they arise? Don’t be tempted to ignore the little things. The positive little things keep a marriage healthy, and the negative little things eventually will add up to big problems if they are ignored.

Pay attention to the little things. They matter a great deal.

Walk good. Live wise. Be blessed.

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