I met my wife, Devon, in Graduate school while taking a Psychopharmacology class with Professor Love. True story. We were married in 2008, and next to giving my life to Christ, this has been the wisest decision I have made in my life. We have a wonderful son named Hayden Dekker and have a daughter named Hadley Brittland. We also have a Shorty Jack Russell named Jacksie, after C.S. Lewis’ dog. My family is very important to me and we enjoy our time together.

Professionally I am a minister and Licensed Professional Counselor. I find people fascinating and I love helping them address struggles in their lives. I feel that Theology and Psychology go hand in hand because we are multifaceted creatures and are met with physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual concerns. I hold an M.A. in Psychology with a specialization family therapy along with an M.A. in Apologetics.

I have found a common theme that runs through my life is sharing perspective. This is involved in the counseling, speaking, and writing that I am allowed to do. I feel that part of my calling is to share perspective with others through what God is teaching me. I love working with people and I am passionate about speaking.

I feel called to equip others to live with wisdom based on God’s word, to share His Gospel with those around me, to defend the faith, and petition others to engage the mind in relation to their faith.

I write to explore, learn, and share. Words are powerful, I pray I use them wisely.


  • Sue says:

    I have just found your site after doing a search for the term ‘experiential apologetics’ and enjoyed a chuckle after reading about Duck Dynasty and some other topics. I’ll be back again to read some more of your intelligent and witty comments!
    Western Australia

    • Josh Fults says:

      A real live Aussie!I have always wanted to visit your beautiful country! Maybe one day. =) Thanks for stoping by Sue. Glad you enjoyed some of the content here.

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