The Wizard of Westwood

I hope you enjoy the guest post today by our friend, Ronald Rodriguez, from over at After you finish reading this post feel free to go poke around his … Continue Reading →

One Million, One Dollar Apologists

Thanks for tuning in to “Apologetic Wednesday” for this week. We have a thought provoking article by our friend Greg West. He does some amazing things to further the intellectual … Continue Reading →

Man’s Innate Desire to Worship – By Ronald Rodriguez

Today we have a guest post by Ronald Rodriguez. He has his own blog called “Bear Veracity.” Want to know why it is titled as such? Guess you will have … Continue Reading →

Why Apologetics?

Today, we have a guest post written by Eric Lloyd. He is passionate about apologetics and writes some thought provoking post on his blog called Stand Therefore. You can also … Continue Reading →

Apologetic Wednesday: The Mystery of Stuff

Today, for Apologetic Wednesday, we are in for a bit of a treat. We have a guest post by Greg West. He runs an apologetics hangout called “The Poached Egg.” … Continue Reading →

Walk Badly

Just for today, instead of “walking good”, it is time to “walk badly.” Well, sort of. I got the privilege of doing a post over at Jared Hollier’s blog, Badly … Continue Reading →

Some Thoughts On Trust by Jared Hollier

This is our very first guest post. It is by Jared Hollier who blogs over at You should really check out his blog. He draws really horribly but has … Continue Reading →


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