So, I Married A Lion

What do you know about your personality? Are you introverted? Do you enjoy being around people more than being alone? Adventurous? Perfectionistic? What are you like? Are you a thinker … Continue Reading →

Marriage Monday: No I’s In Us

How is it that two people that once desired to spend the rest of their lives together can come to a point where they can’t stand to be in the … Continue Reading →

Marriage Monday: Snuggle Much?

Think back to when you first began dating your spouse? How often did you hold hands? Practically every spare second, right? How often did you hug or have your arms … Continue Reading →

Sex and Meat Loaf

What would you do to be loved? Back in the 90’s, the singer Meat Loaf belted, “I would do anything for love.” Doesn’t everyone want to be loved? It is … Continue Reading →

Today Is A Big Day

It was five years ago today that my wife and I made the second greatest decision of our lives. We each chose one another. We chose to do life together … Continue Reading →

Marriage Monday: Giving Up My Right to Hurt You

Ever been hurt by your spouse? I certainly have. Is it because my wife is the wicked witch of the East? No, it is because she is human. My wife … Continue Reading →

Marriage Monday: Working Past the Nail In Her Head

This video has been making its way around the Internet with great gusto. With anything like this, there are always those that see it as offensive. Obviously, it is meant … Continue Reading →

Marriage Monday: A Wife’s Job Description

Recently, I shared what I feel like my job description looks like as a husband and encouraged others to sit down and do the the same. I found that I learned a … Continue Reading →

Marriage Monday: A Husband’s Job Description

The first job I ever had was selling “media” at Best Buy. Though I am glad to have moved on to other career endeavors, it wasn’t a bad first job … Continue Reading →

Marriage Monday: Mad Men

Recently, I was sitting on the couch doing some reading while the rest of my family slept, when my phone chirped. It was a message from a good friend that … Continue Reading →


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