So, I Married A Lion

What do you know about your personality? Are you introverted? Do you enjoy being around people more than being alone? Adventurous? Perfectionistic? What are you like? Are you a thinker … Continue Reading →

Back in the Saddle

Hi. Remember me? I use to write thoughts here, frequently. As a matter of fact, I use to be religious about publishing three posts a week, right here on this … Continue Reading →

Today Is A Big Day

It was five years ago today that my wife and I made the second greatest decision of our lives. We each chose one another. We chose to do life together … Continue Reading →

Ounces of Eden: Why Adults Should Be More Like Kids

My son loves bugs. I think there is something innate in every male around the age of two that compels them to enjoy all things creepy-crawly. Now, he doesn’t like … Continue Reading →

Marriage Monday: A Husband’s Job Description

The first job I ever had was selling “media” at Best Buy. Though I am glad to have moved on to other career endeavors, it wasn’t a bad first job … Continue Reading →

Walk Well…No…Walk Good

As of late, I have had several people ask me where the title for this blog came from. Occasionally, a few people even correct my grammar. It should be “Walk … Continue Reading →

Baited By the Beard?

Road Trip! Many people hate piling in the car and staring at the road for hours on end, but I happen to enjoy it. Sure, flying is great at times, … Continue Reading →

Marriage Monday: The Case of the Crummy Husband

Another Mother’s Day has come and gone. Moms are a big deal. We should make sure they are celebrated more than one Sunday a year because moms (Most moms that … Continue Reading →

Marriage Monday: The Universal Language

Confession. I took two solid years of Español (that’s Spanish for all you English only people) in college. To this day, I can say a handful of Spanish phrases, most … Continue Reading →

Lost and Found

Have you ever lost something important? What did you do? Did you sit around, hoping it would eventually turn up, or did you keep searching until you found it? It … Continue Reading →


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