C.S. Lewis: A Life Remembered

There are some events if your life that you are able to remember so vividly due to the pleasant emotions that surround the memories. When I was around the age … Continue Reading →

Apologetic Wednesday: Jesus, Hugh Hefner, and the Heart

Hugh Hefner is a name, regardless of one’s worldview, that the vast majority of people are familiar with. One might call him the quintessential playboy, despite the fact that he … Continue Reading →

My Prayer Is Better Than Your Prayer!

Prayer is such a curious thing to examine and ponder. I have so many questions about how it works, considering God’s foreknowledge, sovereignty, and man’s free will. It is one … Continue Reading →

10 People I Would Love To Have Coffee With

Recently, I was thinking about interesting or intellectual people, living or dead, who I would love to share a conversation with over a cup of coffee. This was a difficult … Continue Reading →

Hell? Yes!

Surely, a loving God would not send a person to hell, would He? The answer to this question is a resounding no. On the converse, a loving God would not … Continue Reading →


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