Ounces of Eden: Why Adults Should Be More Like Kids

My son loves bugs. I think there is something innate in every male around the age of two that compels them to enjoy all things creepy-crawly. Now, he doesn’t like … Continue Reading →

It’s Labor Day…Again!

Don’t you love holidays? Labor Day was nice last Monday. I had the day off to get ready for labor day today. That’s right, it is finally here. Actually, it … Continue Reading →

Lessons from Daddyhood

Yesterday, I got to celebrate my second Father’s Day. I could have never fathomed, prior to being a dad, the joy, wonder, and excitement that comes with the job. Every … Continue Reading →

Losing the Wonder

There is nothing more joyous to watch than a child experience things for the first time. Tonight, I was throwing a football to Hayden from across the room and he … Continue Reading →

Big News!

It is fun to have big news from time to time, isn’t it? Our son, Hayden, turned one this past November. It has been an amazing year watching him grow … Continue Reading →

Best of 2011 – Number 4

We are still counting down the most viewed blogs of 2011. This one is entitled: “I Done Been Pooped On.” It is number four on our countdown and was originally … Continue Reading →

Some Thoughts On Trust by Jared Hollier

This is our very first guest post. It is by Jared Hollier who blogs over at www.badlydrawnbible.com. You should really check out his blog. He draws really horribly but has … Continue Reading →


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