More Dumb Things Christians Say

There are certain things Christians should refrain from saying. Why? Because, well, they are dumb! Don’t feel bad. I have had my dumb moments too. Let’s make sure to scratch … Continue Reading →

Apologetic Wednesday:The 7 Year Old Atheist

Recently, I came across an article written by a woman who discusses the fact that her seven year old daughter is an atheist. The mother was once a catholic and … Continue Reading →

Best of 2012: Great Excuses for Skipping Church

Here, we have the second most read and circulated post of 2012. It is one of my favorites, not because it is well written, but because many of the excuses … Continue Reading →

How to Be A Crummy Church Member

What is it that keeps a church alive, healthy, and vibrant? Of course, the easy Christian answer is God. Church would be nothing more than a social club without God. … Continue Reading →

The Church Games

Recently, a man was found alone on a deserted island. He made his home there for over a decade. When rescuers inquired about his life of solitude, he was eager … Continue Reading →

The Other Brother

The son of a wealthy business executive showed up late for work, again. He wasn’t too worried about it. He enjoyed a cushy job and the security of knowing that … Continue Reading →

Great Excuses for Skipping Church

Let’s just be honest. Some Sundays, for whatever reason, we just don’t want to go to church. Even though I am a minister, and kind of get paid to be … Continue Reading →

Walk Badly

Just for today, instead of “walking good”, it is time to “walk badly.” Well, sort of. I got the privilege of doing a post over at Jared Hollier’s blog, Badly … Continue Reading →

No Butts In the Body of Christ

Within a church there are various people with different interests, abilities, talents, and personalities. Diversity is such a delight, yet within an atmosphere of diversity must exist unity. In fact, … Continue Reading →

Satan’s Wiki Leaks

Late last night, I was having difficulty trying to get some sleep. I was rolling my goals for 2012 around in my mind, and I thought of a couple more … Continue Reading →


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