Marriage Monday: How To Wreck Your Marriage

Married? Looking for the fast track to bring your wedded bliss to an untimely demise? Then look no further! We have a list here that will expedite the process of … Continue Reading →

Marriage Monday: Love Is A Verb

This past week my wife and I were listening to a well known radio personality while we traveled. This particular morning, for just a few moments, several people on the … Continue Reading →

Marriage Monday: Maintenance Required

I once overheard an attorney say, “There are two processes that must not be started prematurely: embalming and divorce.” The current statistics being what they are, odds are good that … Continue Reading →

Marriage Monday: Keeping the Backdoor Shut

When it comes to marriage, we find a lot of emphasis placed on romance, compatibility (e-harmony anyone?), communication, and the like. All of these are important things to address (and … Continue Reading →


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