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Lessons from Daddyhood


Yesterday, I got to celebrate my second Father’s Day. I could have never fathomed, prior to being a dad, the joy, wonder, and excitement that comes with the job. Every new day is an adventure.

Being a father is also an exercise in self awareness. My son is like a smaller version of myself in so many ways, and he reflects much about who I am back to me. My flaws and strengths become apparent in the way he relates to me. Sometimes he evokes a sense pride in the man I am, and at other times, he shows me the long road ahead in my life to becoming more like Christ.

Throughout the journey of fatherhood, I am continually being taught an abundance of life lessons. It is both fascinating and humbling that God can use such an innocent and naive human being to teach you so much about life.

My son reminds me to enjoy the moment, to be present. We have no guarantee of tomorrow, so we have to enjoy the day for what it is. I tend to gravitate to the future, which is good in some ways. Obviously, we have to make plans for the future, but we can do so to a fault. I have learned that some things can wait. Enjoy what is before you at the moment, because tomorrow that moment is forever gone.

Hayden has also taught me to find joy in the little things, to see the world with a fresh set of eyes. With age, the excitement of life tends to wane. We take for granted the simple pleasures. Enjoying life with a child will either give you a fresh perspective on how to enjoy the simple and mundane, or it will drive you to stifle the whimsical side of life. I would much rather enjoy the wonder with my child and re-experience the world with him than seek to distance myself from the silliness that accompanies it.

At times, I can take myself too seriously. It is easy to fret over the many commitments and responsibilities that we have. Sometimes, our self worth becomes wrapped up in what we accomplish instead of who we are, people created in God’s image. It’s quite alright to be silly. There is more to life than what we do or accomplish. These things are very important, but they are not the entirety of life. We also must remember to enjoy life and learn to laugh at ourselves. We need to remember to slow down and have some fun on our brief journey through this life.

I feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful son. I am enjoying what being a father teaches me. These lessons are invaluable. I continue to have a greater understanding of my own dad. I hope my son is as thankful for me, as I am for my own dad. I also am able to gain a glimpse more insight into how the Father loves us. Our worth is not based on what we do. We don’t have to earn his love. He chooses to give it freely.

I look forward with eager anticipation to the years ahead. I am thankful for the title of father. If having one is this much fun, I can’t wait for Hadley to arrive in September.

Walk good. Live wise. Be blessed.

What has being a dad taught you?

Puke and Perspective


Tomorrow I get the privilege of being celebrated for Father’s day. I really didn’t know what to expect. I feel like it is an elite club where you get the equivalent of a birthday present just for taking care of your child. A perk, I am all about added benefits. The real blessing though is just getting to be a dad to my son. Had someone told me three years ago that a day would come when getting puked on in the face (or worse, much worse) wouldn’t really bother me I would have given a condescending smirk to communicate the idiocy of such a comment.

Honestly, it feels slightly strange to be a dad. It is an odd assortment of emotions; I find it humbling, worrisome, exciting, humorous and curious. It is indeed a strange tale I have fallen into, to borrow from Tolkein. Devon and I are trying to enjoy each moment with Hayden for what it is, without wishing he would be at another stage. Each moment, though frustrating at times, is fun in it’s unique way.

More than anything else, fatherhood has made me appreciate and understand my dad, and God in a whole new way. So many times as a child I couldn’t understand why my dad or God did the things the way they did them. It is all about a change in perspective. Maybe sometimes, we should just trust a little more until we get the perspective we need, if it ever comes.We can rest in the knowledge that there is someone that transcends us who has a Father’s heart and loves His children.

Happy Fathers day to all the men in this elitist club known as Dads. Here is to many more years of being puked on, cleaning up, wiping tears, and calming fears. May your tribe increase and may you continue to gain perspective as to the love of the Father.

Walk Good. Live Wise. Be Blessed.

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