18 Things I Want My Son to Know About Life

Recently, Douglas Groothuis shared some advice that he gave a young man about to begin college. I thought it was tremendous, practical, simple, and yet profound wisdom. I hope my … Continue Reading →

Apologetic Wednesday: Love Then Logic

It is roughly one o’clock in the morning. It is a pretty familiar scene for me. I sit working in front of my computer in a dimly lit living room … Continue Reading →

My Son’s New Four Letter Word

The Fults house has recently elevated a four letter word to rock star status. It flows like water in our house, thanks to our 19 month old son, Hayden. We … Continue Reading →

Best of 2011 – Number 4

We are still counting down the most viewed blogs of 2011. This one is entitled: “I Done Been Pooped On.” It is number four on our countdown and was originally … Continue Reading →

I Done Been Pooped On

This past Thursday, Devon and I ran errands most of the day in Beaumont. We were heading to the mall (you can’t not go to the mall if you are … Continue Reading →


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