Marriage Monday: Love Is Not Prideful

Ever hear the tragic story of the blue whale?  He learned a final lesson we would do well to remember. “When you get to the top and you’re ready to … Continue Reading →

Apologetic Wednesday: I’m Better Than You

Two men are having a discussion one a bridge. One man is contemplating jumping off the bridge to his death, and the other is trying to talk him out of … Continue Reading →

Apologetic Wednesday: Who Does God Think He Is?

Can it be said that God is prideful? Is He a high and mighty cosmic narcissist that demands we worship Him? Is He on an eternal ego trip in demanding … Continue Reading →

Donkey Basketball

What do donkeys and basketball have in common? Not a whole lot really, but they are pretty fun when you put them together. Last night I got to play some … Continue Reading →

Facebook Friday: Don’tcha Wish You Were Hot Like Me, Don’tcha?

I can’t help it. I. Am. Awesome. Sometimes, it is hard to be so much better than everyone else. Ripley’s called wanting to do a special on me, but I … Continue Reading →

The Sunday Time Stood Still (At Least for Me)

I have been “leading worship” at Trout Creek Baptist Church for close to two years. It is not my calling, I am just filling a need until God sees fit … Continue Reading →


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