Apologetic Wednesday: Hiding or Seeking

God has called all Christians to be an Apologist. Obviously, there are differing degrees of this. Some devote much of their life to the study of various disciplines in order … Continue Reading →

Losing the Wonder

There is nothing more joyous to watch than a child experience things for the first time. Tonight, I was throwing a football to Hayden from across the room and he … Continue Reading →

Marriage Monday: Bald, Fat, and Happy

There is an old Arab proverb that essentially says marriage begins with a prince kissing an angel and ends with a bald headed man sitting across the table from a … Continue Reading →

When Nothing Is Sacred, All Is Consumed

What is truth? This simple statement uttered by Pontius Pilate nearly two-thousand years ago has echoed through the ages. Some would say truth is unknowable, others, that it is relative. … Continue Reading →


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