More Dumb Things Christians Say

There are certain things Christians should refrain from saying. Why? Because, well, they are dumb! Don’t feel bad. I have had my dumb moments too. Let’s make sure to scratch … Continue Reading →

Even Dumber Things Christians Say

Christians say dumb things. Why? Because we are human, and humans say dumb things. Sometimes we just think before we speak, or we repeat things we have heard without taking … Continue Reading →

Apologetic Wednesday: I Disagree With You = I Hate You

Christians. Who do they think they are? Thinking they hold the market on truth. Who made them the arbiters of truth? They are all just a bunch of intolerant bigots. … Continue Reading →

Marriage Monday: Love Never Fails.

Does love break down and decompose, or is it the one thing that remains when all else is stripped away? Currently, most research shows that roughly fifty percent of people … Continue Reading →

Apologetic Wednesday: Think

Here we find ourselves two days into a new year. The holidays are over. People are sliding back into their familiar routines, ready to embrace what the new year has … Continue Reading →

Best of 2012: Straight Chicken, Gay Cookie

This post, which originally aired  on August 2nd, was by far the most viewed/shared/popular blog of the year here at Walk Good. It wins the top spot by a landslide! … Continue Reading →

Best of 2012: Great Excuses for Skipping Church

Here, we have the second most read and circulated post of 2012. It is one of my favorites, not because it is well written, but because many of the excuses … Continue Reading →

Best of 2012: Don’t Judge Me

This was the fifth most popular post of 2012 and was originally published on February 15th. We often hear the phrase “you shouldn’t judge.” Most people are familiar with Matthew … Continue Reading →

Best of 2012: Can You Argue Someone Into Believing In God?

We are counting down the most popular posts of 2012. We are down to the sixth most read post. It was originally published on April 18th. We must remember that … Continue Reading →

Apologetic Wednesday: Why Jesus?

Recently, someone asked me, “Why is it that you worship Jesus? What separates Him from the thousands of other gods one might pick?” What a great question! This is also … Continue Reading →


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