Apologetic Wednesday: Choose to Sin, Choose to Suffer

When it comes to apologetics, one form that is often not employed is experiential apologetics. No doubt, those of us that know Christ have experienced God’s hand at work in … Continue Reading →

Apologetic Wednesday: Your Lying Heart

It’s that time of the year. Pink and Red welcome you when you walk into any retail outlet. Roses are readily available. Chocolate delicacies are waiting to be bought and … Continue Reading →

Apologetic Wednesday: Does God Make You Sick?

Has God ever made you sick? Literally, I mean. Have you ever disobeyed God until the point where He suddenly struck you down with an illness? Does God do that? … Continue Reading →

A Scary Place: Friday the 13th Edition

Okay, full disclosure right up front. I am a complete scaredy-cat. I refuse to watch horror movies. I just don’t like them. They keep me up at night. When I … Continue Reading →

Can Sin Be Good?

Is sin good? Can it ever be good under any circumstance? That depends. Are suffering and death good? If you cannot answer that in the affirmative then in no way … Continue Reading →

Satan’s Wiki Leaks

Late last night, I was having difficulty trying to get some sleep. I was rolling my goals for 2012 around in my mind, and I thought of a couple more … Continue Reading →

Drag It Into The Light

“Sin thrives in the dungeon, but slap it on the table for all to see, and it withers rather quickly.” – Ted DekKer I think we must remember that change … Continue Reading →

Lying, Lewdness, and Lynching.

Lying, lewdness, and lynching. What do these three words have in common? They are all sins. Let’s just call them Satan’s trifecta. Ever told a lie? I can honestly say, … Continue Reading →


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