Tell Me What I Want to Hear

If there is one thing we learn from an early age, it is to filter information. I am starting to see this show up in the life of my four-year-old … Continue Reading →

Apologetic Wednesday: The Death of Words

Have you ever paused to consider the importance of words? We take them for granted, don’t we? Thousands of words pour out of our mouths on a daily basis. Sometimes … Continue Reading →

Who Cares What You Know?

For the Christian, Apologetics is a necessity.  In the pluralistic, hodge-podge-of-beliefs culture that we live in, one must always be ready with an answer. The Christian is ever presented with … Continue Reading →

Apologetic Wednesday: Many Paths to God?

Six blind gurus approach an elephant and each describes what they experience. The first feels the tusk and believes it to be a spear. One holds the tail, thinking it … Continue Reading →

Apologetic Wednesday: Feet Firmly Planted In Mid-Air

Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? It is truly awe inspiring. When I visited several years ago, I was amazed at its vastness. I enjoyed the scenic view … Continue Reading →

Apologetic Wednesday: College, Questions, Doubt, and Truth

When I first entered college, I was opened up to a great many new ideas. Questions I had never even thought to ask were posed to me. New worldviews I … Continue Reading →

Read This Blog and Get Three Million Dollars

Okay, full disclosure right at the outset. You won’t get three million dollars from reading this blog, but it grabbed your attention, right? Maybe it even gave you warm feelings … Continue Reading →

Can My Truth Be Different From Yours?

Recently, I was having a discussion with several individuals about our belief systems. Some of us had similar beliefs, while others held divergent worldviews. During the discussion one person stated, … Continue Reading →

Apologetic Wednesday: Philosophy According to the Black Eyed Peas

One thing I love about my family is the joy that resides within our home, as well as how that joy spontaneously erupts at unexpected times. In the Fults’ house, … Continue Reading →


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